Sep 3rd & 4th, 2019 – the people

Listen and observe, it’s the people, not the matter.

Passion matters only when your competency lifts you to the high-level game. It’s a differentiator, not entry ticket.

Be an inspiration.

What if you get laid off today? What if your business goes bust today? What is your plan B?

Work as if there is no plan B. But do have one kept in your desk drawer.

Don’t try to change yourself, you won’t succeed. Instead change your tool, medium, approach, strategy, or people.

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Sep 2nd, 2019 –

Get respect through strategic listening, not talking.

Get business through dealing with the important people. Be one of the important people.

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Aug 30th, 2019 –

Read no news until you have got the framework to interpret them.

The compounding effect of not just interest, but also your daily work. Prioritize those that compound over time.

What are you working for? The entertaining or the financial value?

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Aug 28th, 2019 – make history

Make history, by laying the first brick. By laying a brick a day, everyday.

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Aug 6 & 7th, 2019 – code & create

Carve out your niche. Define your competitive advantage.

Technology are means, not ends. Prioritize human connections.

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Aug 2nd, 2019 – a meditator’s focus

The best way to get rid of distractions is not to dispel them, but to focus on your breathing.

A great idea is only as good as a crap idea if not acted upon.

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Aug 1st, 2019 – in search of the anchor

There are many ways to live your days, to spend your mornings. You have chosen this daily routine, why?

The best training can’t match actually doing the work. Start somewhere, start anywhere, start now.

There is no problem too small to heed. There is no problem too big to solve.

Remember, you do have a choice.

Art creation requires artistic talent. Art business requires entrepreneurial  acumen.

Your posture determines your emotional state. Your tasks determine your perception of self-worth.

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Jul 25th, 2019 – fight for your right, and reputation

Never take responsibility for mistake you didn’t make.

Argue not with your first thoughts or feelings, but carefully deliberated stories.

Strategic listening is the most powerful tool in your negotiation.

Remember remember, it’s not the perfect logic nor sound reasoning that counts. It’s the drive from emotions and self interests.

The most cynical tend to be the ones that used to be the most idealistic.

Remember remember, read not the words but the intent.

Unplug from the internet and email when you want to do real work.

Problems, challenges and stress. Do what you can, then move on to the really important stuff in life.

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July 17th, 2019 –

What you think you know is almost always less than what you actually do.

What you could achieve is almost always more than what you thought possible.

Inspirations often come from the least expected places.

Be there, be there, be there. Make where you are the greatest place to be.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Get ready for greater places ahead.

In struggles between a great thinker and an average doer, the doer always emerges the winner.

Make sure you have a support system in place for those bad days, those horrible days. And make sure you are part of someone else’s support system.

“Shine your true self”

Being nice is not enough. Be inspirational and reliable.

The only meaningful way to live is to grow and to give.

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July 15th, 2019 – revival

Knowledge is power only when utilized. Else it remains a baggage.

The single hardest challenge is to shut out all the distractions and focus on answering to your calling. Make it the top priority of your daily schedule.

Take good care of your mental backyard. Defend it from all the negativity flowing around you.

Believe. Believe! Just have a little faith. Your mind does create your reality.

Strive to be your best no matter what no matter where.

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Apr 8th, 2019 – a few steps ahead

Train your brain to think a few steps ahead.

Train yourself to respond fast and accurately.

Competitiveness can be taught. Be taught.

Engaging in conversation with confident yet ignorant people is a big waste of your time.

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Apr 5th, 2019 – ideas backlog, cont’d

Neuroplasticity. Train your brain with new learning frequently.

Your clients’ need being a key decision factor.

Be obsessed with the problem to solve, not the one solution you have fallen in love with.

Be keenly aware of the distractions that can get you sidetracked from achieving your goals. Blow past them.

Get others’ views as reference, and reference only.

Remember, action talks louder.

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Mar 21st, 2019 – ideas backlog

Stories. Tell the story of the company.

Investment philosophy.

Speak and share your thoughts, be authentic to inspire, create your own frame instead of trying to answer the wrongly framed questions.

Committed people working hard to re-invent their capabilities. How fast are you growing and improving?

Quantum computing and its new perspectives. Superposition, entanglement, qubits, …

What are you doing with your strengths? Do you sharpen them daily? Do you push through limits towards greatness? Or do you leave them to rust and silent death?

There are times when you should stop looking for new answers, and start practicing those you already got. Ideas are easy, go do it.

Stop seeking approvals. Start creating valuable arts.

Facts and figures will fade, but the stories remain. Days and years shall pass, but the arts will stay.

The power of a good story.

Everything choice you make is a trade. Every skill you learn is a language.

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Jan 24th, 2019 – Warren & Jocko

The art of prioritization and focus.

Say no to things off your priority list.

As a person, not a brand.

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Dec 24th, 2018 & before – time for year end reflection

Live a purpose driven and productive life.

Make an honest living. Serve the people you care.

Practise your duty, your mission. Live a life of no regret.

Do the ONE THING that matters, shut out all other noises.

Eyes on the prize, not the words or behavior of small people.

Be a rock star of your own right.

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Right, rather be a successful teacher than a failed doer.

Find your voice, your place in the universe, then project and amplify it into greatness.

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