Unlikely people, unlikely inspirations

[This post is dedicated to people who shot inspirations into my life in those most unexpected moments...]

People got hidden sides that are never shown to the world.

“Yeah…” I can hear you yawn, “anything new here?” Anyway we already know good people can turn evil under certain circumstances while villains may behave like saints at times, don’t we?

Yet the emphasis here is not about good or bad, but talent and skills.

Most ppl are more talented (or at least got more interesting stories) than we think we know… the annoying salesman in your office could be a rock star at night, while your thick-glasses-wearing math teacher could be an award-winning rock climber.

There s always something so rich in one’s personality, if we care (or lucky) enough to explore, we will discover it… The stories on the other side of one’s public (read: stereotyped) image, when uncovered, may just blow your mind away big time…

Thus the first thing i suggest we all do here, is to erase the stereotyped image that pops into our mind whenever we hear the word “engineer” or “artist”…

When asked what kind of people make great hedge fund managers, George Soros said “the most unlikely people…”

So the person you dislike the most, the primary school mate you haven’t seen for decades, or the stranger who just rubbed shoulders with you, could be the one that, at the destined moment, lit up a light bulb in your head and change your life forever…

By the way, we don’t always have to look at ‘great people’ for inspirations; what really change our lives are people who happen to be there, for us, with us, at the right time.

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