Mar 21st, 2019 – ideas backlog

Stories. Tell the story of the company.

Investment philosophy.

Speak and share your thoughts, be authentic to inspire, create your own frame instead of trying to answer the wrongly framed questions.

Committed people working hard to re-invent their capabilities. How fast are you growing and improving?

Quantum computing and its new perspectives. Superposition, entanglement, qubits, …

What are you doing with your strengths? Do you sharpen them daily? Do you push through limits towards greatness? Or do you leave them to rust and silent death?

There are times when you should stop looking for new answers, and start practicing those you already got. Ideas are easy, go do it.

Stop seeking approvals. Start creating valuable arts.

Facts and figures will fade, but the stories remain. Days and years shall pass, but the arts will stay.

The power of a good story.

Everything choice you make is a trade. Every skill you learn is a language.

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