Oct 3rd, 2019 –

How do you keep yourself hungry?

Are you being inspired? If not, are you wasting your time?

Wake up early. Connect. Create.

You can invest with your contrarian view, but you don’t trade against the trend.

Enter a project with the commitment to your desired outcome, impulse for instant gratification.

Learn this: when to let your brilliance shine and when to hide it. Strategically.

The best response to a rude treatment is head held high indifference.

Understand this: you don’t need to lower yourself to get approval or cooperation or assistance. Utilize your professionalism, brains, and toughness instead.

Review your grand scheme regularly. Review your strategy and prioritization all the time. What’s the best thing, or anything, you can do right now to move towards that vision.

Be grounded. Be centered. Where you are doesn’t define who you are. Guard your mind, heart, mission, and vision.

Know who you are, know what you stand for, know where you stand in the universe, know why you are here. Strive to live up to your calling every single day of your life.

The platform. Know when and where to let out your passion and crazy creativity. It’s not in the middle of a high stake chess / poker game.

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