Oct 4th, 2019 – always ask, and deliver

Clarity and perspectives from conversations with different people.

Accept that life is unfair, yet carry a positive attitude in crafting the changes in your own story.

Always ask: does it really matter (to my goals and mission)?

Ruthlessly get the distractions and the 80% non-essentials out of your way.

Reminisce the good old days, cherish the precious moments, then move on to create better tomorrows.

Prepare for the future, not the past.

You really don’t know. What you can do then is to try maximizing your odds of success. Then pray.

Planning to prepare is easy and fun, but it’s the actual work of preparation that gets you closer to your goals, one inch at a time.

What you’ve learned, what you’ve created, do not matter as much as what you have delivered.

What do you deliver, everyday?

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