theBlogger: Johnnie Learns to Ship




启发,被启发,都是生命中 值得用心体会的珍贵际遇。

享受简单生活:自由地阅读与书写,自由地探索人生和世界,然后自由地分享旅途中的发现… 单纯地connect和交换life stories… 也很不务正业地享受即兴rap,舞台,新语言…

Johnnie believes his unique strength is “the ability to see beauty/meaning in almost anything & any experience“. He writes and speaks and adds to cyberspace pollution with extreme ideas. Heroes include John Wooden, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Tom Peters, Seth Godin and anyone with a courage-inspiring life story.

======================[update: additional info]========================


Everything in here originates from the urge to share my findings/wonderings/ideas/inspirations for the following:

– How should we live our lives?
– How does the world function?
– What’s made my life beautiful and meaningful?


Get inspired by, then go inspire with, the possibilities in life.

Core belief:

Everyone can build an unique, exciting, and meaningful life. (There are endless possibilities beyond the standard formula that leaves most in quiet desperation).


Attack!Mindset: crush the fear, go make something happen.
ThinkMaverick: stand firm, embrace your uniqueness.
Start2day: (live your mission) start small, start alone, start at home… start today.