Ideas Unlimited: what i choose to believe (evolving list)…

Do first, plan it later; create first, define it later.

You never know who’s going to change your life; and you never know whose life you are going to change.

We are all Synergizers & Co-Creators.

It’s Consistency, not focus (itself), that makes all the difference.

Idea Evangelism.

The Paradox of Greatness.

Ideas are possibilities, and possibilities only.

Stop thinking in terms of “balance”, think Optimization.

Big-picture thinking gives you peace and leads to wisdom.

Unproven and passionate people.

If the gurus can’t explain what we encounter or experience, we don’t tweak & fit our experience into their models, we create new theories.

Everybody develops her own philosophy to guide her in life; everybody’s philosophy & story are in some way unique.

Study out of curiosity; enjoy the simple pleasure of learning.

Be an inspiration, not a half-god. Build a community, not a cult.

The Force in the universe.

If you want to be a philosopher, don’t philosophize, live.

You can follow your curiosity and learn six languages at the same time. You should.

Theoretical physicists teach us something (in fact, many things) about life.

Conduct in-depth study of a subject AND ensure regular exposure to different fields. We need both kinds of inspirations.

We are often blinded by our automatic respect to authority, experts, successful people, and mainstream beliefs.

Food’s got souls; make sure you also digest them.

Women should get rid of those torturing high-heel shoes. Businesses can and should make comfortable shoes feel/look professional and sexy.

We should study sex and death (in social context).

Lifelong partnership is less about finding the right person, and more about consistent efforts to nurture the relationship.

The education system sucks.

We should celebrate mistakes. And create an environment that makes it easy to do so.

Admit our prejudices. Talk about them and do something about them. They won’t go away just because we pretend they don’t exist or keep silent.

Heart trumps skills, at least at a higher-level game.

Our souls need both rock ‘n roll and classical music. Neither is optional.

Sometimes we set goals, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we shouldn’t.

The second roadblock to making money out of your passion is dwelling on business model too much. Think of money only as by-product, please.

And the first roadblock is, never believe you can make money doing what you love.

Try first, take lots of action. You find the way when you Do, not plan.

If you don’t see the way, charge forward anyway. Then you see possibilities.

If it means you may fail miserably, it also means you may become Great. You don’t achieve Greatness by staying safe and comfortable.

You never know until you try.

Believe the Impossible.

What’s an entrepreneur, essentially? — One who sees Possibilities and turn them into Reality.

Personal Entrepreneurship: there are a million different ways to build an exciting & meaningful life, see the possibilities, make your life unique.

Whether or not we have “made our dreams come true”, in the end what actually matters is whether we have made changes happen for people we care.

Practice the basics, obsessively.