Apr 21st, 2020 – walk to unclog

There are only so many hours and days in one’s life, it’s simple logic then, that whenever you add some content (or activity or task or whatever) to them, you have to subtract some too. Optimizing productivity and improving efficiency can only bring you so far, even the best optimization solution can’t reduce your time/energy input to zero. It’s not a rigorously tested proposition or scientific argument, just a casual reminder to use opportunity cost mindset in your daily life.

Knowing life is short is one thing, really appreciating it is another. It takes event(s) or experience, and is reflected in what you do, not what you say.

Focus on your core mission and the essentials, the must-have. Those good-to-have will then, hopefully, fall into place with the help of the universe. Just commit to your calling, and have a little faith.

Almost always, you should look past the official, superficial, and obvious; and figure out the real underlying factor/ driver/ message.

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